1.a tent- Because I would need a place to sleep.

2. medicine- Because in cause if i was sick i would be able to take care of my self

3. fishing pole- in cause i was hunger i would have my fishing pole, And I would be ready to go fishing.

4. an extra outfit- because I don't want to be sticky and  in cause something happen like if it rip and i would have another one.

5. a compass- because in cause i was last i would

find my way back.

                               Things that i want to have:

1.  a computer- because in cause i was so tried                                                                                    

                                      I will play games and talk to my friends.                                     

                                                         2. a camera- Because i would take beautiful,  
                                                            and wonderful pictures.

                                                       3. a bathing suit - i would want to go  swimming
                                                 because it would be real hot their.

                                                            4. a flashlight- If it was dark i 
                      would have some thing that will help me to see in the 

                                                            5. a towel- Just in cause.
                                    6. a blanket- because in cause it got cold and i can use it 
                                                                                                                     and feel warm. 


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